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Fout veroorzaakt door Ua1xbet.com
0x0000000C, 0x0000006C, 0x00000046, 0x00000096, 0xf0818 CBS_E_IDENTITY_MISMATCH container package points to a package manifest whose identity doesn’t match the identity specified, Error 0xC1900200 – 0x20008, 0x8024200C WU_E_UH_FALLBACKTOSELFCONTAINED The update handler should download self-contained content rather than delta-compressed content for the update., 0x80249004 WU_E_INVENTORY_UNEXPECTED There was an inventory error not covered by another error code., 0x00000026, 0x000000D7, Error 0x80D02002, 0x000000A4, 0x00000024
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